Female in Technology or Female run organization?

What is Femtech?

Abbreviation  for female technology: electronic devices, software, or other technology relating to women’s health, for example, software that records information about menstruation (= the monthly changes in a woman’s body) and fertility (= the possibility that she will become pregnant)

Femtech (Female Technology) is a term applied to a category of software, diagnostics, products, and services that use technology often to focus on women’s health. 

This sector includes fertility solutions, period-tracking apps, pregnancy and nursing care, women’s sexual wellness, and reproductive system health care.

This concept of the digital women’s health category is fresh. As an industry, femtech includes any digital or standard health tools focussed on women’s health, including wearables, internet-connected medical devices, mobile apps, hygiene products, and others.

Femtech has immense market potential. 

The revolutionary steps taken by the technological field to equal out gender disparities has led to the advent of a female-centric health technology that utilizes tech as proponent for women’s health and overall wellness.

The application of software, diagnostics, wearables, and apps to feminine products and services addresses women’s wellness challenges. Currently, mobile phone apps that keep track of fertility and pregnancy account for more than 50% of the femtech market. The mainstream popularity of femtech arose after creating the first period and fertility tracking app in 2016. Since then, the concept of digital women’s health has been incorporated into healthcare strategies to encourage female inclusion. As the number of entrepreneurs venturing into femtech increases, women are becoming more discerning about the products they use on their bodies. Femtech ventures to promote innovative alternatives to educate and destigmatize issues for girls and women on a global scale while promoting environmentalism. You will find numerous startups, policy formations, and tech enterprises that design and develop female ware. 

VBA as an analyst and also a Master’s degree in Business, Engineering, Statistics, Computer Science or Mathematics. While working as an engineer one must have thorough knowledge of sharepoint. Scrum or agile and AWS development are some upskilling you can go for while working for the IT industry.There are certain skills required to work in different vertices under the femtech sector like SQL, 

Currently, there are a few hundred startups in the femtech marketplace. Their primary focus is on women-based care, such as fertility tracking and pregnancy apps. A significant percentage of these entrepreneurial endeavors are owned and run by women.

We anticipate seeing more investment from healthcare venture capitalists, which will grow the femtech industry. Within a forecast period of ten years and with the help of affordable and accessible technology, the service segment is envisioned to expand. Emerging global economies will also enhance the spread of smart medical devices and wearables. There will also be the development of more apps and products due to an increase in research and funding towards general women’s health. 

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