Employment Guidance

Are you ready for your career move?

Sometimes you would like to form a career change. Not subsequent logical tread on your current career path, sort of a more senior title or taking over more responsibility, but a leap to a replacement path altogether. Research shows that ladies are less likely to place themselves out there for opportunities unless they feel completely qualified. we would like to tick all the boxes before we raise our hand for that exciting new job or a stretch role in our current company. But why should we limit ourselves?

In career decision-making, there are, essentially, three main puzzle pieces necessary to finish the image of a career which will be an honest fit: your personality, your interests, and your abilities. Talking about employment guidance, SHEVALUES (Woman only job-ready candidates’ portal), a comprehensive job portal for less than women from age 22 to 36 years, maybe a platform where women can get help regarding employability.

While trying to find employment, it’s important to be realistic about your abilities. Don’t sell yourself short, but also don’t choose a career that you’ve got a little aptitude for. Career planning requires an understanding of the candidate in terms of interest, academic potential, personality, talents & aptitudes, values, expectations, and resources of the candidate. But don’t undermine your talents, because it can rule out something you’d wish to do, just because you don’t think you’ll attain the extent of experience needed.

Seek what interests you, what sparks your interest.? What ideas intrigue you.? What particular career interests you.? What do people therein field do this you think that you’d find interesting.?

Your personality also plays a serious role in career planning, various tests assess personality dimensions, to ascertain what career would suit you the simplest.

A woman’s decision to form a bold career move prompts us to explore what it takes to transition into a task that’s different from what you’re doing now.

Then, we talk with an expert about how we will clarify our goals, prepare to form a leap, and articulate our proposal to a boss. She also explains the way to respond once we don’t get an immediate enthusiastic response.